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Raqs Tiki

 —  —

Church of the Pacific, Princeville, Kauai

ALOHA! Join us for an island escape! Competition, Performances and Workshops! Surreyya will be performing and will serve as a judge to the dance competition!

Dangerous Beauties - AURA

Brava Theatre, 2781 24th Street, San Francisco

In the dazzling Aura, The Dangerous Beauties weave together dance and narratives seamlessly and with theatrical flair, breathing life into the fearless female characters­ both real and imagined­ who has struck awe into the hearts and minds for many millennia. From the Hindu goddess Kali to the legendary Cleopatra and Mata Hari, from shape­shifters to Celtic spirits and the revered goddesses of Mount Olympus, the audience will discover the true colors of these women, the power they carried deep within, and the magical strength which made them bold and fearless.

VIP Seating for $65, 2 for $100 - General Tickets $25 in advance. Age limit: All ages


Dangerous Beauties Day of Workshops

Red Door Dance, 817 First Street, Brentwood, CA

Nyla Crystal: Turns 1 hr/ 12pm The Science of Spins - The Skirt Experiment By harnessing the power of centrifugal force, you will learn enchanting turn combinations that will make it look like your skirt is dancing on its own! Please bring a circle skirt to wear for the full effect. Dr. Nyla Crystal applies her background in science, ballet, and jazz dance to create swirling, twirling belly dance movements that won't leave your head spinning . Turn and spin technique will also be covered. (For all levels. No calculator necessary.)

Sabrina : Iraqi Kawleeya 2 hrs/ 1pm Iraqi Kawleeya: Learn Iraqi Kawleeya from internationally acclaimed instructor and Egyptian film star Sabrina, the only western dancer to be invited to teach Kawleeya in the Middle East at the prestigious Nile Group Festival. All levels welcome. Bring water and a towel. We will sweat !

Surreyya: Swords 1 hr /3pm Made to Blade – a Heavy Metal Approach to Swordwork and Balance

Swords are sexy and dangerous. Learn to flaunt it and to work with one, two and possibly three at a time. Tips and techniques for balance, framing and picking the right sword for your body and dance. Learn new tricks, techniques, and explore the creation of your own new tricks and techniques as we make new moves together. Safety, music selection and troubleshooting covered. Bring a sword, and two are better than one!

Rose: Arms 1 hr /4pm Achieve the fluid, graceful, fully expressive arms you’ve always dreamed of. Tell a story with your gestures, entrance your audience with beautiful shapes and frame your every movement. Internationally acclaimed dancer and choreographer Rose Harden will share her expertise to help you reach your goals.

$25 for one hour class, $45 for 2 hour class


Dangerous Beauties - 20th Century Foxes

The UPTOWN, 1928 Telegraph Ave., Oakland, California

From talkies to television, from bombshells to blue movies, these sirens of that big screen of silver come to life before your very eyes. The muses and dream-livers of the 20th century wear their hearts on their sleeves for you in this unique tribute to the women that busted-ass to make it to the top - some of them paying the ultimate price for fame. Sure to touch your soft and gooey parts, the ever so unstoppable media has projected their essence, their very being into your hearts, whether or not you dare to admit it, they are all a part of us. Come...live the dream.

Dangerous Beauties is also pleased to announce the release of it's first instructional DVD set - Get 'em while their hot off the press and at a special show price!! Other vendors will be showing their wares! (TBA)

Doors at 9:00pm, Show promptly at 9:30

Starring: Sabrina Hart Rose Harden Nyla Crystal Surreyya Beth Hada Talia Soleil Maharet Christina Hughes Jennifer Faust Nicole Simone and special surprise guests!!!

First 5 guests get free DVD Set!!

Tix are $10 in advance, $15 at the door http://www.dangerousbeautiesbellydance.com/shows/dvd-release/ Show your CCSF student ID or come in Hollywood Glamour and get $5 off your door price.

$10 in advance, $15 at the door Age limit: 21+



New Parish, 1743 San Pablo Ave (at 18th St), Oakland, California

DAYBREAKER is a morning movement that will start your day off unlike anything else. For those who aren’t familiar, we host a morning sober dance party that’ll start your day unlike anything else. We’re turning it up at The New Parish (21+), so grab an early bird ticket before supplies last (no tickets sold at the door): http://daybreakersf-0930.eventbrite.com/

With your ticket, you’ll enjoy: + Soulful morning beats by +Angles aka Alex Werth + Performances by Circosphere Network, Nick Brentley, Eli Marienthal, Surreyya Hada and more + Fresh Moschetti Coffee, VISO, and KIND + Robot Dance Party and other costumed characters + (No booze)


Imagine Bellydance Challenge

http://www.shupada.com/#!/2014-ibdc-performer-lineup/2014-showcase-performer-lineup, Sacramento

Saturday, Dangerous Beauties Belly Dance will be performing at the Imagine Bellydance Challenge in Sacramento this SATURDAY - http://www.shupada.com/#!/2014-ibdc-performer-lineup/2014-showcase-performer-lineup For those of you who have been asking, we will have our future performance and kickstarter info on hand - make sure you stop one of us for more info.


Dangerous Beauties - THE LONG STRANGE TRIP!

 —  —

New Parish, 579 18th Street, Oakland, California

Come enjoy this groovy journey through female icons of the women's liberation movement of the 60s/70s. Raquel Welch, Margaret Thatcher, Donatella Versace, Vali Meyers, and more!!!

$20 in advance, $25 at the door. $5 discount at door for coming in your groovy 60s/70s costume! Age limit: 18+


DANCERS NIGHT! Tanjia Restaurant

Tanjia Restaurant, 4905 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, California

Join us for the best in local and up and coming bay area talent! Please contact Surreyya directly if you would like to perform. surreyya.hada@gmail.com


The Virginia City Shimmy Belly Dance Festival

 —  —

Virginia City, Nevada

 Dangerous Beauties Sabrina, Nyla and Surreyya will be performing and teaching at this magical weekend event!

Age limit: All ages


The Virginia City Shimmy Belly Dance Festival

 —  —

Virginia City, Nevada

 Dangerous Beauties Sabrina, Nyla and Surreyya will be performing and teaching at this magical weekend event!

Age limit: All ages

Weekly Performances

Surreyya performs regularly at these Bay Area Restaurants and Events - Please call for show times or to request for special parties!

Underground Nomads - F8
underground nomads website
1192 Folsom Street
San Francisco, CA

Wicked Mirage Hookah Lounge
2415 Empire Ave #207
Brentwood, CA 94513
Phone:(925) 405-5899

El Morrocco Restaurant
2203 Morello Avenue
Pleasant Hill, CA